24 hour Arctic Camp with kayaking

24 hour Arctic Camp

with kayaking





Available: from february 2018

Days: Pick up/retour

Manday: 15.00/18.00

Wednesday: 16.30/18.00

Friday: 15.00/18.00

Duration: appr. 24 hours

Groupsize: minium 2/maximum 8

more than 8 persons please

contact us directly

Including: guiding, accomodation, all

nessesary kayakequipment,

singel kayaks, food and transp.

Food: dinner, breakfast, tea/coffe,

expedition food, local sweet


Level: medium

Location: Campsite in Vargsundet,



in our yurts, made-up beds

Transport: Pick up: In the city

centre - Visit Tromsø /or

individual agreement


Price: NOK 2.990.-

Add on one extra night

NOK 5490,-




24 hour Artic Camp with kayaking

Want to experience a unique break from everyday life?

Join us and sleep in a yurt, enjoy local food, go sea kayaking and learn about wildlife and the coastal living in this Arctic region. From our remote seaside yurt camp, with no road access or electricity, you will experience a special closeness to a spectacular Arctic coast. This is the perfect place to experience the Northern Lights, the Midnight Sun or other seasonal specialities on offer here in Northern Norway.


The wilderness camp is situated on the island of Rebbenesøya with a unique location and atmosphere despite being just a 90-minute drive from downtown Tromsø. Our two yurts, each housing four people, are modern yet rustic nomadic tents, offering comfort and special atmosphere in harmony with the unique closeness to the Arctic nature. Click here to have a closer look at our yurts.

The camp is in mainland Norway’s northernmost archipelago, which part of the area designated as a protected landscape. The area has magnificent and contrasting nature and a rich and unique animal and birdlife. It’s quite common to see white-tailed eagles, otters, seals at our camp, as well as a diversity of seabirds in the summertime. Porpoises, dolphins and minke whales also pass our camp from time to time, or you may sport them on the kayaking trip.

During recent winters, we have been lucky to experience humpback whales and orcas at close range. Hopefully, they will return this winter, too.

As well as the wonderful biological diversity, the area has a rich cultural heritage dating to medieval times and, in some cases, even as far back as the Stone Age.

This tour is available year-round, and is suitable for both beginners and experienced paddlers. Our speciality is sea kayaking, and we adapt the paddling to suit the level of the participants and the weather conditions. If the conditions are too rough for kayaking, other possibilities include hiking, skiing and fishing or, if you prefer, simply relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere. We assure you that this is a wonderful place to relax and get closer to the nature.


Our camp is ideal for families, couples or small groups searching for a totally different experience. You can look forward to something exceptional!



Day 1

We will pick you up in Tromsø or another place by agreement. We then drive in the direction of the camp.. We drive alongside the fjord and enjoy beautiful views of the mountains. When we drive over the mountain pass to Skogsfjord, you will see Norway’s largest island lake. The scenic drive finishes at the Mikkelvika ferry landing, where we take a 10-minute ferry crossing over to Bromnes on the island of Rebbenesøya. When you set foot on the island, it’s a 15-minute walk on a nice path along the seashore to our wonderful camp. In wintertime, reaching the camp in darkness using a headtorch is an amazing experience. When there is a lot of snow, we recommend using cross-country skis or snowshoes, which it will be possible for our guests to borrow from us.


After settling into your yurt and perhaps enjoying a light meal, we will introduce you to the kayaking equipment and set off on a short evening kayaking trip. Kayaking in the dark is a special feeling, which will really open your senses. Before we leave the water for the evening, we also invite you to enter the water wearing a dry suit. If the conditions are too rough for paddling, we go on a mountain hike right behind the camp. You will be rewarded with a panoramic view of the camp area. When we return to the camp in the evening, we will cook a nice dinner based on the best produce from the region. Later, we will relax around the campfire or, if you prefer, inside a yurt. Weather permitting, the camp is the perfect place for gazing at and experiencing the magical Northern Lights as it is far removed from bright, artificial light.


Look forward to a comfortable stay in the yurt. Maybe you will be able to watch the Northern Lights or a starry sky through the dome before you fall asleep.


Day 2

After spending the night in the yurt, we enjoy a relaxing and delicious breakfast before preparing for a sea kayaking trip in the majestic Arctic archipelago. We will be out kayaking for about 3-4 hours, and plan to be back at the camp around 14.00 (2pm). The area surrounding our camp offers enormous variety for sea kayaking with wonderful trips of varying lengths and levels. You can paddle around idyllic islets and stop at white sandy beaches or, if you prefer greater challenges, out to exposed areas with long crossings in the open sea.

During the trip, we have short rest breaks and a longer lunch break. We will brew coffee and grill lunch on an open fire. Maybe we manage to catch our own fish for lunch or pick some mussels. What tastes better than a self-caught food? We return to the camp after an exciting kayaking trip with many impressions and perhaps some tired and sore muscles. We enjoy the atmosphere at the camp before heading back to Tromsø.


Alternative plan for second day if the weather is too rough for kayaking:

We drive south on the island, past a fish factory to Engvika, which is perhaps home to the world’s most beautifully located shop. We visit the shop and then hike up the mountain to enjoy the spectacular view of the open sea. You will also be able to see an island puffin colony towering on the horizon. If the conditions are suitable for skiing, we will go on a short cross-country ski trip.


Practical information

Please bring your own warm personal clothes: woollen or other thermal underwear, fleece and a water and wind proof jacket and trousers, warm hat, gloves and scarfs. We recommend dressing in layers to keep warm. You can borrow thermal overalls at the camp.

The guests and the guide prepare the meals together. The meals can be prepared in the fully equipped kitchen in the yurts, at the boathouse around the camp fire in the great outdoors.

While no previous paddling experience is necessary, you must be in medium physical condition. You must be able to walk the distance of 800 m from the harbour to the camp site. Part of the route is uneven. During the middle of winter, we walk this stretch in darkness using headtorches, which is very exciting.

Please click here to read more practical information.

For further information or if you would prefer a customized adventure, please don’t hesitate to contact us.























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