Three day Arctic kayaking adventure

Three Day Arctic Kayaking Adventure





Available: all year round

Time: flexible

Duration: three days

Groupsize: minium 2/maximum 8

Including: guiding, accomodation, all

equipment, singel kayaks, food

and transport

Food: dinner, breakfast, tea/

coffee, along with

expedition food, local

sweet snacks on the guided

paddling trips.

Level: Beginners or experienced

Location: Campsite in Vargsundet,



in a yurt, made-up beds

Transport: included, pick up in Tromsø-

city, or individual agreement


Price: NOK 5320,-



Three Day Arctic Kayaking Adventure

Join us on a three days adventure where you will experience a fantastic arctic nature by seakayaking directly from our camp. You will sleep in a yurt, enjoy local food, learn about wildlife and the coastal living in this arctic region.

This adventure are available year-round and it fits both beginners or experienced. We adapt the paddling to suit the level of the participants and the prevailing weather conditions.

You will experience close-up encounters with the animal and bird life. It’s quite normal to see white-tailed eagles, otters, seals and various seabirds on the same trip. The last winters we have also had humpback whales and orcas at close range. Hopefully they are coming back this winter as well. The area also have a lot of cultural heritages wich we will be able to visit during the trip.


Look forward to something exceptional!



Day 1

We will pick you up in Tromsø or another place by agreement unless you don’t wish to drive your own car or a rental car. We then drive in the direction of the camp, making a quick detour to stock up on food. We will stop at one of the region’s best supermarkets, which stocks a wide range of local food products. Perhaps you will find a few local delicacies to take home as a souvenir or gift.


The trip to the island of Rebbenesøya is a real adventure. We drive alongside the fjord and enjoy beautiful views of the mountains. When we drive over the mountain pass to Skogsfjord, you will see Norway’s largest island lake. The scenic drive finishes at the Mikkelvika ferry landing, where we take a 10-minute ferry crossing over to Bromnes on the island of Rebbenesøya. When you set foot on the island, it’s a 15-minute walk on a nice path along the seashore to our wonderful camp. In wintertime, reaching the camp in darkness using a headtorch is an amazing experience. When there is a lot of snow, we recommend using cross-country ski or snowshoes, which it will be possible to borrow from us.


After settling into the yurt and enjoying a meal, we set off on an evening kayak trip. If the conditions are too rough for paddling, we go on a mountain hike right behind the camp to enjoy the panoramic view of the camp area. Maybe we also try some fishing in the lake just close by the camp. When we are back at the camp in the evening we cook a nice dinner, relax around a campfire, or inside a yurt all dependent of what you prefer.


Look forward for a nice stay in the yurt and for a good night`s sleep.


Day 2

After spending the night in the yurt, we enjoy a good breakfast and prepare for a sea kayaking day trip in the majestic Arctic archipelago. We will be out the whole day and return in the afternoon. During the trip we make brakes were we brew coffee and lunch on an open fire. Maybe we manage to catch our own fish for lunch, or for dinner this evening. What taste better than a self-caught fish? During our brakes it will also be possible to make small hiking trips and explore the surroundings. After an exciting kayaking trip with many impressions and perhaps some tired and sore muscles we enjoy the atmosphere at the camp. We make dinner together and have a relaxing and social time around a campfire.


Day 3

On day three we drive south on the island. We pass a fish factory and end up at Engvika, which is perhaps home to the world’s most beautifully located shop, with some fantastic owners wich lives at the same place. We visit the shop (closed on Sundays). We thereafter go for a hiking trip in this area were it will be possible to enjoy the spectacular view of the open sea. You will also be able to see an island puffin colony towering on the horizon.


This drive might be replaced by another seakayking trip if you prefer that.


Afterwards we return to Tromsø.


More information

What`s included? Guide and all necessary paddling equipment such as kayak, paddles, drysuit, shoes and gloves. Dinner, breakfast and tea/coffee are also included along with expedition food and local sweet snacks on the guided paddling trip and transport..

Guests and guide prepare the meals together. The meals can be prepared in the yurts in the fully equipped kitchen or made outdoors on a fire.

You sleep in made-up beds in our comfortable yurts.

This trip is flexible, adapted to suit your plans and the ferry timetable.


You can reed more about practical things here.

For further information or if you are looking for a custom made adventure, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

















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