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A special place



Staying at Elements Arctic Camp will give you a unique break from everyday life!

The camp is situated on the island of Rebbenesøya north of Tromsø city, offering a unique location and atmosphere. This area is part of mainland Norway’s northernmost archipelago and has magnificent and contrasting scenery and a rich and unique birdlife and wildlife.   

The area offers many exciting and wonderful opportunities in addition to our speciality sea kayaking - all year round. No matter wich season you choose to visit their are many possibilities, for example hiking, fishing, biking, and wintertime cross country and downhill skiing.

Our camp has two yurts, each housing four people and is ideal for families, couples and small groups wishing to experience something special and totally different from anything else. The yurts wich are modern nomadic tents,  are specially designed, are rustic, very comfortable and have a special atmosphere. The light is emitted in a wonderful way through a glass dome and, even when you are inside the yurt, the sounds of nature are clear and offer a unique proximity to nature. Read more about our yurts here.

"Best excperience ever" -

  Guiliana jan 2018

Many choices:

-  Try one of our suggested packages

-  Maybe a custom made package

-  If you need a spesial place to

   arrange courses, workshops or

   seremonial events....or maybe just

   a place by your own to do your

   own things.

A special place!

As our camp has no road access, you will be surrounded by the natural sound of nature. Moreover, our camp is in a remote area without electricity so there is no light pollution. This makes it the perfect place for star gazing and experiencing the magical Northern Lights dancing in the night sky during wintertime.

The last winters, whales visited us right outside the camp. Our closest neighbours include white-tailed sea eagles, otters, seals and many other bird species.

If you want spectacular Arctic experiences – the Northern Lights, the Midnight Sun and the contrasting light and weather – you are welcome to visit this special place, which is well off the beaten track yet close to the urban Arctic delights of Tromsø.   

Cultural and landscape conservation area

Our camp is situated adjacent to the North Kvaløya and Rebbenesøya cultural and landscape conservation area. Consequently, it has a rich and unique birdlife and wildlife as well as a rich cultural heritage.

Read more about the North Kvaløya and Rebbenesøya cultural and landscape conservation area.

We recommend you to visit ryggsekk.net, which describes many nice hikes and kayaking trips.

(Please note that these websites are currently in Norwegian only.)

Get inspired!

Welcome to have a a look at our photogallery or have a look at this 1-hour adventure TV-program from our area "Lars Monsen på villspor" (only in Norwegian)


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