This is the perfect place for you and your family

Our trips is ideal for families, wishing to experience something special and totally different from anything else.

We offer only private trips wich means that you and your family will have the camp for your self. In the trips is everything included as transport, accommodation, food,  kayaking, when snow also snowshoeing and skiing.

Your guide Lise is passionate, energetic, personal and adjust the trips to your experience, your wishes and the weather. 

No kayak experience is needed, and all kayak equipment is included. Bring only warm winter clothes and clothes to wear under the drysuit. And kayaking in the darkness... yes it is possible ......a very exciting experience!

3 Day package

We suggest our 3 day trips to families which from january also include snowshoeing and skiing since we usually have snow at this time of the year. On all our trips, you and your family will have the yurt and the camp to yourself. You do not need any paddle experience. We adapt the trips to your experience, weather and your wishes. All food and snacks are included in the tours, brought to the camp by the guide and yourself. You and the guide prepare the food together. The yurts are comfortable, cozy and very different from other accommodations. The two hour scenic trip to the camp along the coast, over mountains, a ferry ride and finally a 10 min walk to the camp, is an experience in itself.

Family-friendly activities 

The camp is secluded so here you will be for yourself with opportunities for family-friendly activities both on land and at sea, just outside your doorstep.

Depending on your wishes and weather, you can choose to go kayaking, go hiking in the mountains, go fishing in a nearby lake, or along the shore. It is also possible to take the car and explore the island, there are several beautiful beaches and beautiful hiking trails on the island. The bay is a wonderful place for exploring the marine life. It is also very fun by using a dry suit, to play and jump in the sea from the adjacent reefs and islets.

The nearest islet is the place where the soldierJan Baalsrud were hiding before he swam over to the opposite side of the bay, Vårøya, in his first part of a 2 months long escape from the Germans. So here you can also walk in Jan Baalsrud's first escape route from Toftefjorden only 4 km from the camp, an affordable hike for the little ones. 

Close to both nature and each other

We want to emphasize that we do not have wifi or TV (although it is possible to charge mobile phones, headlights, batteries and ipads if needed). This opens up for a few days where you and the family put away electronic gadgets and make it easier to be together. The yurts are a luxurious variant of nomadic tents with full equiped kitchen and comfortable beds.

Inside the yurt you will hear the sounds from the nature clearly and distinctly. You get close to nature but also close to each other as the yurt has one "room" that makes it easy to be together in a nice and cozy way. After a day outdoors, it is very cozy, for example, make food together, play cards or other games, read, draw or just sit and enjoy the heat in front of the stove.