To do

Closer to nature

Tranquility, spectacular nature,
activities for young and old

Looking for a memorable holiday and a unique break

from everyday life with your partner, friends or family?

The area has a lot to offer...

Kayaking and hiking

Just outside our doorsteps you can both go kayaking and hiking in a spectacular nature with fantastic views. The area offer trips both at sea and land for both young and old and with different lengths and levels. Kayaking is our speciality all year round and a fantastic way getting closer to nature.  

Skiing and snowshoeing

During our wintertrips you will also be able to do snowshoeing and skiing in addition to winterkayaking.


Visit some of the beautiful sand or corallbeaches. It´s a relaxing and a fun familyactivity looking for shell, snails, and other marine animals while enjoying the view and sound of the sea.

Animal and bird life

During spring- and summertime there are many different birds in the area that are possible to get close to, both at the camp and while kayaking. Our closest neighbours are sea eagles, otters and seals.

Fishing and birdwatching

You are able to go fishing in a small lake just 15 minutes walk from our camp. Summertime it is also possibilities to do seafishing by a guided trip or renting a boat from some of the providers in the area. Combine the fishing with unique birdwatching.  

Northern lights and midnightsun

The camp have no light pollution and a perfect place to experience the Northern lights or do stargazing. On our wintertrips you will be able to go kayaking under the Northern lights or summertime go kayaking in the midle of the night embedded in the midnightsun. 

Learn about cultural and coastal history

The area has rich culture and coastal history with cultural heritages as far back as the stone age. The area has also samic culture and heritages.

Meet the locals

On the island you can shop in the local grocery store  wich also work as a meetingplace for the locals. At Engvik you can also visit Engvik gård  with chickens and the breed Old Norwegian cheeps, a nice visit for the youngest.

This summer it has also opened a small gallery Catherine´s Art and a summer café Frøken Nilsen.

Welcome to Rebbenesøya!