3 Day Arctic Camp with winter kayaking

     Private 3 days Arctic Camp 

     with winter kayaking 

Private 3 Days Arctic Camp with winter kayaking

January replaced by Private 3 day Arctic Camp with kayaking, crosscountry-skiing and snowshoeing 

Available:  from 15. sept 2019 to 20. des 2019

Days:         Manday,  Friday 

                   Pick up/retour 13.00/18.00

Duration:   appr. 29 hours

Groupsize: maximum 4

Including:  guide, accomodation, local

                   food, transp. scenic drive to

                   the camp, kayaking, all

                   nessesary kayak-equipment,

                   singel kayaks, hiking,

                   snowshoeing and cross-

                   country skiing (if conditions),

                   tripod, photo from the trip

Food:          dinner, breakfast, tea/coffe,   

                    expedition food, local sweet


Level:         medium-difficult

                   no kayak-excperience is need 

Location:    Campsite in Vargsundet,


Accommodation: in your own yurt,

                    made-up beds

Transport:  Pick up: Tromsø centre-

                     individual agreement 

NB: From 19 des to 1 january the trip is replaced by our Christmastrip.

From 2. January this tour is replaced by the 3 day trip including kayaking, snowshoeing and skiing. From january we usually have more stable snowconditions.

Prices per yurt/trip;

Up to 2 persons:  NOK 30.750,-

3 persons:            NOK 44.700,-

4 persons:            NOK 56.400,-

More than 4 persons or a family?

Please take directly contact                     

This is a unique private and personalized trip!

Our packages are all inclusive, you and your travelling company

will have the Camp for yourself, will stay in your own yurt, paddle

in magnificent scenery, go hiking and sightseeing,

enjoy local food and get close to an

Arctic wildlife and coastal life.

Our camp is ideal for families, couples or small groups searching for a totally different experience. You can look forward to something exceptional!

Experience a spectacular Arctic Archipelago from our campsite on the island of Rebbenesøya, north of Tromsø, by a cultural landlandscaping area with several nature reserves. The camp has two yurts, it is without road access and electricity, and we fetch water from a small stream nearby. This is the place to experience - calmness, silence, a lot of weather and the charms of each seasons with its different color schemes and peculiarities. With no light pollution this is a amazing place for star gazing and experiencing the magical Northern Lights. If we are lucky maybe the Northern lights will start dancing while out kayaking.

We will paddle in crystal clear water along beautiful islands, around islets and sheaves. It’s quite common to see white-tailed eagles, otters and seals. Porpoises, dolphins also pass our camp from time to time, or if you are lucky you might spot them on the kayaking trip.

As well as the wonderful biological diversity, the area has a rich cultural heritage dating to medieval times and, in some cases, even as far back as the Stone Age.

Wintertime the weather can be everything from calm to very rough and stormy and it can change very quikly. This is a part of the charm staying in this place. We therefore have to plan the days according to the weather forecast and the conditions at the time. We also of course consider your experience and your wishes. Below we have made a suggestion but the order and kind of activities is flexible.


Practical information and indicative program