Accommodation in yurts

Living in a yurt will give you a completely new experience - really closer to nature - and your travel company!

"We loved the yurts which were super cosy and had very comfortable beds"

-Tess, Nederland mars 2020.

Live in a yurt in a secluded camp close to the ocean  

Our camp is ideal for families, couples and small groups wishing to experience something special and different from anything else.  

Welcome to book a 2- or 3 day private and all inclusive package. 

It is also possible to book our camp separatly, for special occations.


Each of our 2 yurts feature:

-   Four comfortable beds with high quality duvets and pillows.

-   Included sheets and blankets

-   A fully-equipped kitchen with gas oven, gas fridge with a mini freezer

-   A «lounge area» with two comfy chairs

-   Kerosene and wood-fired ovens

-   Insulated, making it comfortable even during wintertime.

-   No running water, are using rainwater or fetch water from a stream 

-   No TV, radio and Wi-Fi

-   Possible to charge devices such as  mobile, iPads, headtorch and the like.

-   Composting toilett in the boathouse

-   Plenty of space for your clothes, equipment and drying

The yurts are allergy-friendly, so smoking and pets are not permitted.

-There is plenty of space for equipment and it is also a cozy place to cook and be together.
- Has a compost toilet. Instead of shower we use the sea or the nearby stream. 

To get here

It takes about 1 1/2 hours to drive from Tromsø to the ferry that takes you to Rebbenesøya, a trip of 15 min. The outfield camp does not have road access, but is easily accessible through a 10 min walk on a slightly hilly path that starts at the ferry quay.

Road and parking description here


Staying at Elements Arctic Camp will give you a

unique break from everyday life!

The camp is situated on the island of Rebbenesøya north of Tromsø city, offering a unique location and atmosphere. This area is part of mainland Norway’s northernmost archipelago. 


We utilize the natural resources as solar energy and windpower. We collect rainwater or fetch water from a nearby stream. Recycling and reusing are in high focus and we aim for donating funds for socially beneficial purposes. As a natural part of our tours, we pick marine litter. We support local initiatives and local business. Our goal this coming winter is to be eco-certified.

What is a yurt?
Traditionally, a yurt is a portable, round tent covered with leather or felt and used as a residence by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia. Our yurts are a modern variant and specially designed. They are rustic, very comfortable and have a special and cozy atmosphere.

Glamping and "back to nature"

The word glamping means a combination of luxury and outdoor life. Our yurts are insulated and heated with paraffin and wood-burning stoves, which makes them comfortable even in winter.  The light is emitted in a wonderful way through a glass dome and the sounds of nature are clear and offer a unique proximity to nature. The form of accommodation with a "room" provides a  great community with those you travel with. 

Living in a yurt will give you a whole new experience - really closer to nature - and your loved ones!

Welcome to us!