Sea kayaking is a wonderful way of experiencing close-up contact with the elements. 

Join Elements Arctic Camp and experience a spectacular arctic coast by sea kayaking. The area surrounding the camp offers fantastic variety for sea kayaking with wonderful trips of varying lengths and levels. The possibilities are virtually endless – from challenging paddling in the open sea to gentle paddling in calm waters in sheltered areas. We adapt the trips to your experience, the weather and your wishes.

Just outside the doorsteps you will also be able to go hiking in the nearby hills. The Island offer many nice hiking trails of different lenghts and challenges, or we can take the car and go for a drive to other sites on the Island.

The camp is located in a secluded bay with a fascinating seashore were it is possible to explore the marine life by snorling or by foot. To play and jump into the water with the drysuit is a fun activityfor both for young and adults.

The area offer a lot of unique wildlife and birdlife. Spring and summertime we have a lot of different birds in the area which are possible to watch and get close up to both at the camp or while out kayaking.

Only 30 min hiking from the camp you are able to go fishing in a beautiful little lake surrounded with beautiful sceneries. You can also choose to try your luck along the seashore just nearby the camp. If you are lucky you might cach your dinner.

All food and snacks are incuded in the trips, brought to the camp by the guide and yourself. You and the guide are preparing the food togehther. Since all our trips are private you will have the camp and the yurt for your self. The yurt are comfortable, cozy and very different fom any other accommodation site.The two hour scenic trip to the camp along seashores, over mountains, a ferry ride, and finally a walk to the camp, is an adventure itself. 

We will do our best to make your stay with us a memory for life!